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OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI Wedding | A Stunning Venue for Alyssa and Zach’s Big Day

May 21, 2024

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OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI Wedding

Alyssa and Zach chose the picturesque OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI for their wedding, a venue that exudes charm and elegance. Their special day was filled with love, laughter, and breathtaking moments, set against the stunning backdrop of Newport’s coastline.

Bride’s Preparations at Little Gold Newport

Chic and Cozy Atmosphere

Alyssa began her wedding day at the charming Little Gold Newport. This boutique setting provided a cozy yet stylish atmosphere, perfect for her bridal preparations. The warm, golden hues of the space complemented Alyssa’s radiant smile as she donned her lace gown, surrounded by her bridesmaids.

OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI Wedding

Groom’s Preparations at Hammetts Hotel

Modern and Vibrant Setting

Meanwhile, Zach prepared for the big day at Hammetts Hotel, known for its contemporary design and vibrant atmosphere. The sleek, modern decor set the stage for Zach and his groomsmen as they suited up in classic black tuxedos.

Weather Challenges and Sunset Portraits

Rain Showers and Resilience

Newport’s unpredictable weather brought a few rain showers throughout the day. However, these brief storms couldn’t dampen the spirits of Alyssa and Zach. In fact, they added a touch of drama and romance to the occasion.

Golden Hour Magic

Between the showers, we found moments to step outside for portraits. The highlight was during sunset when the clouds parted, revealing a spectacular golden glow. This magical light provided the perfect setting for some of the most memorable photos of the day.

The Ceremony at OceanCliff Hotel

Breathtaking Venue

The ceremony took place at the OceanCliff Hotel, a venue renowned for its panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The elegant setup included white and peach floral arrangements that complemented the coastal scenery.

OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI Wedding

Heartfelt Moments

As Alyssa walked down the aisle, the blend of natural beauty and sophisticated decor created a scene of a fairy tale. The exchange of vows was heartfelt, and the joy in the air was palpable as they shared their first kiss as a married couple.

Reception Details and Highlights

Luxurious Decor

The reception at OceanCliff Hotel was nothing short of spectacular. The venue’s interior, adorned with gold accents and elegant chandeliers, provided a luxurious ambiance. The decor featured a harmonious blend of navy and gold, creating a regal atmosphere.

OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI Wedding

Memorable Moments

Special moments during the reception included the couple’s first dance, which was both tender and joyful. The heartfelt speeches brought tears and laughter, creating an intimate and emotional atmosphere. The dance floor was alive with energy, as guests celebrated the newlyweds late into the night.

Golden Hour and Evening Portraits

Stunning Sunset Photos

One of the most enchanting aspects of Alyssa and Zach’s wedding was the series of sunset and evening portraits. The golden hour provided a soft, warm light that enhanced the natural beauty of the couple and the venue.

Evening Magic

As the evening progressed, the venue’s twinkling lights added a magical touch to the photos, capturing the romance of the night. Alyssa’s gown and Zach’s tuxedo looked particularly striking against the backdrop of the setting sun.


Alyssa and Zach’s wedding at the OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI was a day filled with love, elegance, and unforgettable moments. The venue provided a stunning backdrop for their celebration, making it a truly memorable occasion. From the intimate preparation moments to the spectacular sunset portraits, every detail of their day was captured beautifully.

Are you envisioning a wedding as breathtaking as Alyssa and Zach’s? Let’s make your dream day a reality. Contact me to discuss how we can capture your special moments at a stunning venue like OceanCliff Hotel Newport RI. Book your consultation today and let’s create unforgettable memories together.