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Newport Wedding: Kayla & Ben’s Bohlin Wedding – Elegant Affair by the Sea

April 12, 2024

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As a luxury wedding photographer with years of capturing heartfelt moments under my belt, I’ve been privileged to witness a myriad of breathtaking venues and joyous celebrations. However, now and then, a wedding like Kayla and Ben’s emerges, weaving a tale of love, elegance, and heartfelt choices that deeply resonate. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Newport, their wedding stood as a heartfelt testament to the beauty of marrying where your heart feels most at home.

Newport Wedding

The Journey to “I Do”

Finding The Perfect Venue: The Bohlin

Kayla and Ben’s quest for the ideal Newport wedding venue was not just about finding a beautiful space. It was a journey back through the chapters of their relationship. Newport, for them, was a canvas of cherished memories, painted with moments of love, laughter, and a magical proposal. Their search for a venue was about more than just visual appeal. They yearned for a place that mirrored the depth of their history together and the breadth of their future aspirations.

Each venue told a different story as they explored Newport, but none felt quite right. It wasn’t until they arrived at The Bohlin that everything clicked. The sight of the elegant tent set against the serene backdrop of the waterfront was breathtaking. It was more than just the physical beauty that captivated them. It was the overwhelming sense of belonging. The way the light danced on the water and the gentle breeze that whispered through the tent felt like nature’s own celebration of their love.

Newport Wedding

The Bohlin stood out not just as a venue, but as a symbolic anchor for their Newport wedding, intertwining with their personal narrative. It was as if the venue itself was a testament to their journey, a place that had waited patiently to become a part of their love story. The realization that this was where they would vow to spend the rest of their lives together was profound. The Bohlin was no longer just a backdrop for their wedding day. It became a central character in the ongoing story of their lives.

Envisioning an Elegant Seaside Wedding

Kayla’s vision for her wedding day was clear and vivid: a romantic, tented ceremony in August, where the gentle lapping of water would provide a serene soundtrack to their vows. She imagined a soft, golden sunset that cast a warm glow over their loved ones. The Bohlin, renowned for its captivating charm and stunning coastal views, emerged as the ideal setting for this dream. Its picturesque waterfront and gracefully draped tents offered the perfect blend of natural beauty and refined sophistication that Kayla had always envisioned for her special day.


Choosing the date for their Newport wedding was an exercise in weaving together the threads of their family histories with their own love story. They selected a day that held a tender significance, positioned delicately between the anniversaries of their closest family members. This intentional timing felt like a nod to the past and a hopeful gaze toward the future. It was as if the chosen date was destined, a sweet spot in the calendar that promised continuity and renewal.

Sacred Vows at The Church of Jesus Saviour

The Church of Jesus Saviour held a special place in the narrative of Kayla and Ben’s love story. This sacred space was more than a venue for their wedding ceremony. It was a testament to their shared values and the deep, spiritual foundation they wished to lay for their life together. Surrounded by family and friends, the solemnity and sanctity of the church added a profound sense of gravity to their vows.

Newport Wedding

The stained glass windows cast a kaleidoscope of light upon them, blessing their union with the vibrant colors of faith and hope. As they spoke their vows, the resonance of their words in the hallowed halls of the church underscored the depth of their commitment to each other. This choice of venue reflected their desire to anchor their relationship in a context of shared beliefs and spiritual commitment, making their vows not just promises to each other, but sacred oaths witnessed by their community and blessed by their faith.

Elegant Portraits at The Elms

Choosing The Elms for their wedding portraits was a stroke of genius that infused an extra layer of magic into Kayla and Ben’s Newport wedding. This storied mansion provided a gateway to an era of timeless elegance and romance. As they wandered the grounds, the grandeur of the mansion enveloped them, its history whispering stories of love and legacy.

The lush greenery and intricate designs of the garden created a tapestry of natural beauty, where each photograph captured not just a moment, but a piece of art. Their laughter and the evident love they shared seemed to breathe life into the surroundings, making the grandeur of The Elms resonate even more. These portraits were not just pictures; they were a celebration of love set against the canvas of Newport’s historical splendor.

Perfect Planning and Coordination

In the world of wedding planning, Emily from The Bohlin stood out as a true maestro, orchestrating Kayla and Ben’s dreams into reality with impeccable finesse. Her role transcended the typical duties of a coordinator; she became the architect of their vision. Emily’s ability to listen and understand the essence of what Kayla and Ben envisioned for their Newport wedding was nothing short of remarkable. She turned potential stress into excitement, transforming the planning journey into a series of joyful discoveries.

This exceptional experience highlighted a crucial insight: the right Newport wedding venue is as much about the dedication and passion of the people behind it as it is about the physical beauty of the space. Emily’s contributions ensured that every element, from the timing of the ceremony to the flow of the reception, was perfectly aligned with Kayla and Ben’s wishes, making the planning process not just manageable but thoroughly enjoyable.

The Wedding Day: A Dream Realized

The culmination of all their planning and dreams materialized into a day that was nothing short of spectacular. Their Newport wedding day unfolded as a harmonious blend of elegance and personal touches that reflected their journey. The tent, adorned with tasteful decor, transformed into a sanctuary of love. The soft clinking of glasses, the joyful laughter of their guests, and the gentle whispers of the sea breeze intermingled to create a melody that would echo in their hearts for years to come.

This celebration was a vivid reflection of Kayla and Ben’s love for each other and the collective happiness of everyone present. Each detail, from the meticulously chosen flowers to the carefully curated playlist, was a thread in the tapestry of their love story. The day was not just about the formalities of vows and rings; it was a celebration of Kayla and Ben’s unique journey. As they stepped into this new chapter of their lives, every moment of their Newport wedding day served as a beautiful testament to the love they shared and the life they were building together.

Unique Flavors of Love: Custom Ben & Jerry’s Cups and Burger King Sliders

One of the most memorable and talked-about details of Kayla and Ben’s wedding were the custom Ben & Jerry’s cups and Burger King slider wrappers, cleverly playing off the “B” and “K” in their names. These personalized touches not only added a whimsical flair to the reception but also showcased their fun-loving nature and creativity. Guests were delighted by the custom-branded treats, which served as a playful nod to the couple’s favorite indulgences and added a uniquely personal element to the celebration.

A Flawless Start to Married Life

As the sun dipped below the horizon it became undeniably clear that Kayla and Ben’s celebration was far more than just a typical Newport wedding. It stood as a significant milestone in their love story, a day that not only commemorated their past adventures together but also heralded the beginning of their future as a married couple. The Bohlin, with its inherent charm and picturesque setting, proved to be an idyllic backdrop for this new chapter in their lives.

For anyone embarking on the wedding planning journey, Kayla and Ben’s experience in Newport offers a wellspring of inspiration. It serves as a heartfelt reminder of the importance of selecting a venue that resonates on a personal level. It underscores the value of placing your trust in seasoned professionals who can transform your vision into reality, ensuring that your day unfolds seamlessly. Most importantly, their story encourages you to fully embrace and savor each moment of this enchanting journey.

Ultimately, a wedding marks the commencement of a lifelong adventure, a journey that is as unique and beautiful as your love story. My advice to couples standing on the threshold of this exciting new journey is simple yet profound: make decisions that truly reflect the essence of your relationship. By doing so, you elevate your wedding day from a mere celebration to an unforgettable journey of love.

Planning your big day at The Bohlin in Newport and want to capture all those epic moments? Let’s chat.

Vendor Team:

Venue: The Bohlin

Planner: Ashley Lynn Events

Hairstylist: Lyndsay Simon Beauty 

Makeup: Make Me Up RI

Florist: Boathouse Blooms

Content Creator: Carleton Socials

DJ: Southcoast Entertainment

Desserts: Montilio’s Baking Company

Dress: Anne Barge

Stationary & Signs: RSVP Hingham

Bridal Boutique: Madeleine’s Daughter

Tux: The Black Tux


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog about all things photography. Stay a while and say hello!

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