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Glen Manor Wedding: Dylan and Mike’s Modern French Chateau Wedding

July 8, 2024

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Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Glen Manor House, Dylan and Mike’s wedding was a celebration steeped in history and love. Meeting at just nine years old while playing polo at Glen Manor, their relationship blossomed over the years, culminating in a beautiful wedding at the very place where their story began. With its Modern French Chateau theme, this wedding was a perfect blend of elegance and romance, making it a truly memorable event.

glen manor

Glen Manor House and Polo Grounds

Historical Background

Glen Manor House, a stunning French-style chateau, offers a unique blend of elegance and charm. Built-in 1923, the manor’s architectural beauty is reminiscent of classic French design, making it an ideal venue for a luxurious wedding. The lush gardens and scenic views of the Sakonnet River add to its timeless appeal.

glen manor

Polo Grounds Connection

The polo grounds at Glen Manor House are not just a sporting venue but a significant part of Dylan and Mike’s love story. These fields, where they first met and competed as children, became the foundation of their lifelong bond. The decision to get married here was deeply personal, bringing their journey full circle.

Glen Manor

Personal Connection

Their choice of Glen Manor House as their wedding venue was more than just a nod to its beauty; it was a tribute to the memories they created on the polo fields. This location, filled with childhood nostalgia, provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding day.

The Wedding Day

Weather Challenges

The forecast threatened rain all week, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the outdoor ceremony. However, the rain subsided just hours before the wedding, leaving behind perfect, diffused cloud lighting. This created an ideal setting for capturing stunning photographs, with the clouds providing soft, even light.


With temperatures reaching 82 degrees, the cloud cover was a welcome relief, preventing the day from becoming uncomfortably hot. This weather was a blessing, ensuring everyone could enjoy the festivities without the intense heat.

Photography Note

The diffused light from the clouds was a photographer’s dream, enhancing the venue’s and the couple’s beauty. This natural lighting added a soft, romantic glow to the photos, perfectly complementing the Modern French Chateau theme.

Modern French Chateau Theme

Theme Explanation

The Modern French Chateau theme was a brilliant choice for this wedding. It reflected the elegance and romance of Glen Manor House and was executed with sophistication, blending classic French elements with contemporary touches.

Color Scheme

The bride’s vibrant color scheme featuring oranges, pinks, and fruits added a lively and fresh touch to the decor. These colors were skillfully incorporated into the floral arrangements and table settings, creating a visually stunning environment.

Florist and Rentals

Sayles Livingston, the florist, did an exceptional job bringing the theme to life with beautiful floral arrangements. Ryan Designs provided the rentals, adding to the overall elegance of the event. The combination of these vendors ensured a seamless and stylish setup.

The Ceremony

Setting the Scene

The ceremony took place outside the Glen Manor House garden, an idyllic spot surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. The setup was both elegant and intimate, with floral arrangements enhancing the location’s natural beauty.

Emotional Moments

As Dylan and Mike exchanged vows, the setting added to the emotional significance of the moment. The garden, a place of personal history, was a poignant backdrop for their promises to each other, making the ceremony truly unforgettable.

The Reception

Decor and Ambiance

The reception decor was a testament to the Modern French Chateau theme, with every detail carefully curated. Floral arrangements adorned the tables, and the elegant table settings added a touch of luxury to the event.

Head Table Setup

The head table, set up on the patio under a tent, was a focal point of the reception. The tent provided an intimate setting while allowing guests to enjoy the scenic views of Glen Manor House. The setup was both stylish and inviting, reflecting the couple’s taste and the wedding theme.

Ballroom Decor

Inside, the ballrooms were decked with amazing decor, each room exuding elegance and charm. The floral arrangements, lighting, and furnishings created a cohesive and luxurious atmosphere, making the indoor spaces as enchanting as the outdoor areas.

Guest Experience

Guests were treated to an unforgettable experience, with the beautiful decor and scenic views adding to the day’s enjoyment—the combination of outdoor and indoor settings allowed for a diverse and engaging celebration.

First Dance on the Loggia

Romantic Setting

Dylan and Mike’s first dance occurred outside the Loggia, a picturesque and romantic spot at Glen Manor House. The Loggia’s classic architecture and serene views provided a perfect setting for this intimate moment.

Emotional Highlights

Their first dance was a highlight of the evening, capturing their love and connection. The setting and the moment’s significance created a memorable and emotional experience for everyone present.

Their Love Story

From Rivals to Lovers

Dylan and Mike’s journey from competitive opponents on the polo field to teenage sweethearts is a testament to their enduring bond. Their love story, filled with challenges and triumphs, is an inspiring narrative of growth and commitment.

Overcoming Challenges

They faced and overcame numerous challenges throughout their relationship, strengthening their connection. Their journey is a beautiful example of how love can evolve and deepen.

Photographer’s Perspective

Capturing Dylan and Mike’s wedding was an honor and a joy. Their love story, rich with history and emotion, was a delight to document. The perfect setting of Glen Manor House and the location’s emotional significance added to the day’s beauty.


Dylan and Mike’s wedding at Glen Manor House celebrated love, history, and elegance. Every aspect of the day was memorable, from the perfect weather to the stunning decor and emotional moments.

The beauty of their love story and the significance of Glen Manor House in their journey made this wedding truly special. It was a privilege to capture these moments and participate in their celebration.

If you are planning your wedding and looking for a photographer to capture your unique love story with elegance and professionalism, I would be honored to help. I specialize in creating timeless and romantic images that you will cherish forever. Reach out to me today to book your wedding photography and make your special day unforgettable. You can contact me here.

Vendor Team:

Venue: Glen Manor House

Catering: Morins Catering

Hairstylist: True Style Hair

MUA: Gabriella Corricelli

Florist: Sayles Livingston Design

Videographer: American Rose Films

Drapery: Drape Art Designs

Signage: Letter B Calligraphy

Ceremony Music: Boston String Ensemble

Band: Clockwork Boston Band

Invitation Suite: Cards and Pockets

Bridal Boutique: Lelite Bridal

Transportation: Viking Tours Newport


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Hi there! Welcome to my blog about all things photography. Stay a while and say hello!

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