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Rose Farm Inn Wedding: Block Island’s Breathtaking Backdrop for Samantha & Jake’s Big Day

March 12, 2024

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Samantha and Jake’s journey from meeting at the University of Rhode Island to deciding on forever together embodies a love story deeply rooted in the Ocean State. Engaged since April 2022, this couple’s tale is a testament to their shared passions: the outdoors, seafood, and meaningful moments with those closest to them. The decision to celebrate their union at Block Island, particularly at the Rose Farm Inn, wasn’t just a choice but a reflection of their shared history and love for Rhode Island’s natural beauty.

Choosing Block Island: A Destiny Fulfilled

For Samantha and Jake, Block Island isn’t just a place; it’s a chapter of their love story filled with sentimentality and “meant to be” moments. This island, with its undisturbed landscapes and the serene Rose Farm Inn, encapsulates not just the essence of their relationship but also their values. Choosing this locale was a nod to their belief in destiny and the shared history of their families.

Rose Farm Inn

The Vision: Elegance Meets Simplicity

The wedding vision was clear: elegance laced with simplicity. The chosen palette of whites and greens, accented with a pop of yellow for Jake, mirrored the couple’s affinity for nature and understated sophistication. This choice wasn’t merely aesthetic but a reflection of their personalities and life together—simple, beautiful, and full of love.

Rose Farm Inn

Pre-Wedding Preparations and Setbacks

The road to the altar was paved with excitement and a hands-on approach to planning. Yet, it was not without its challenges. The weather on their initial visit to Rose Farm Inn—a foggy, wet, and gray day—became symbolic. It reinforced their resolve to embrace their day, regardless of the weather, mirroring their readiness to face life’s unpredictabilities together.

The Big Day: A Celebration of Love and Resilience

Despite a rainy forecast, Samantha and Jake’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. The day’s light rain didn’t deter the couple from visiting Mohegan Bluffs, a testament to their adventurous spirits and the bride’s resilience in the groom’s Ford Bronco. The ceremony and reception, set against Rose Farm Inn’s verdant fields under a tent, perfectly captured their vision—intimate, personal, and filled with joy.

Memorable Moments and Unique Touches

The reception buzzed with energy from the first note played by the band until the last dance. Amidst the rain, the couple and their guests created memories that would last a lifetime. The day was punctuated with personal touches that reflected their journey, from the decor to the choice of location, underscoring the depth of their relationships with family and friends.

Reflections and Advice for Future Couples

Samantha and Jake’s wedding is a masterclass in embracing the unpredictable with grace and staying true to one’s vision. Their advice to future couples planning their nuptials is to find beauty in the imperfections and to choose a venue that deeply resonates with their personal story.


The essence of Samantha and Jake’s wedding day at Rose Farm Inn was more than a celebration; it was a reaffirmation of love, family ties, and the beauty of nature. Their story is a powerful reminder that love, in its many forms, triumphs over adversity. As they look forward to their future, their wedding stands as a beacon for couples embarking on their journey together.

For those inspired by Samantha and Jake’s story and planning your day, remember: each moment, rain or shine, is a chapter in your unique love story. If you’re seeking to capture these timeless moments, don’t hesitate to [contact me]. Let’s make your wedding day memories last a lifetime.

Vendor Team:

Venue: Rose Farm Inn

Getting Ready Location: Spring House Hotel

Hair: Glammed by Anya

Makeup: Glam Done Wright

Video: Artistic Wedding Films

Planner: Dana Marie Weddings

Florist: KLW Design Co.

Stationary and Signage: Forest and Lily

Band: The Barons Music

Caterer: Kimberly’s Block Island

Tent: Block Island Party Rentals

Lighting and Rentals: Ryan Design Co

Ice Cream Bar: The Ice Cream Place