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Shepherd's Run | South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Stacey & David

Stacey and David's enchanting summer wedding at Shepherd's Run in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, was a heartfelt celebration of their union, set against a picturesque backdrop of rolling hills and lush vineyards. This charming venue, with its rustic elegance and panoramic views, offered a perfect blend of natural beauty and sophisticated charm for their special day. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, the couple exchanged vows in a sun-dappled ceremony, the warm July breeze and the sweet scent of vineyards filling the air, creating a scene of idyllic romance and joy.

As the day unfolded, the golden hour cast a magical glow over the festivities, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the occasion. The reception, set amidst the verdant landscape, was a testament to the couple's love for each other and the beauty of nature. Just as the evening approached its peak, a spectacular sunset painted the sky in hues of pink and orange, providing a stunning backdrop for the celebration.

The joyous occasion took a whimsical turn when a local band, unexpectedly joining the festivities, brought everyone to their feet with their lively tunes. This serendipitous addition to the day's events added an extra layer of charm and spontaneity, drawing the guests together on the dance floor under the starlit sky. The music, laughter, and dancing under the canopy of stars turned the evening into an unforgettable celebration of love, friendship, and the beginning of Stacey and David's journey together. Their wedding at Shepherd's Run was not only a testament to their love but also a day filled with unexpected delights and the joy of togetherness.


Photography - Colton Simmons
Florals - Les Isle Rose
Catering - Blackstone

Band - Silver Arrow Band
Venue - Shepherd's Run
Deserts - Wrights Bakery

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