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The Bohlin | Newport, Rhode Island

Lia & Bradley

Lia and Bradley's wedding day unfolded with breathtaking elegance at The Bohlin, situated in the picturesque Newport Yachting Center in Rhode Island. This esteemed venue, known for its captivating waterfront views and refined ambiance, provided the perfect canvas for their celebration. Surrounded by the gentle lapping of the waves and the soft glow of the harbor lights, the couple's love story came to life in this idyllic coastal setting. The air was imbued with joy and anticipation as guests arrived, greeted by the tranquil beauty of the setting sun reflecting off the calm waters, enhancing the magical atmosphere.

The ceremony, held against the backdrop of the shimmering Newport Harbor and the grandeur of the Newport Bridge, was a testament to the couple's profound connection and the journey they were embarking upon together. The Bohlin, renowned for its blend of sophisticated charm and maritime beauty, offered a harmonious balance of elegance and a sense of serenity that echoed through the air. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, amber hue across the sky, Lia and Bradley, surrounded by family and friends, celebrated their union in a scene that seemed to capture the very essence of romance and the timeless allure of Newport's coastal landscape, creating unforgettable memories.


Photography - Colton Simmons
Florals - Rachel Veras
Gown - Vera Wang

Design - Dana Marie Weddings
Venue - The Bohlin
Video - Tyler Scott

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