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Newport Beach House | Newport, Rhode Island

Kelsey & Conor

Kelsey and Conor's wedding at the Newport Beach House in Rhode Island was a stunning celebration of their love, set against the serene and majestic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. The Newport Beach House, with its chic coastal charm and panoramic seaside views, offered a sublime setting for their nuptial festivities, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a beachfront wedding with a touch of elegance and modern flair.

The couple vowed their eternal commitment to each other on the soft, sandy beach, with the rhythmic sound of the waves and the gentle caress of the ocean breeze setting a romantic and tranquil tone for the ceremony. The horizon stretched wide before them, painting a breathtaking canvas of blues and golds as they exchanged their vows at the edge of the water, symbolizing the vast and endless nature of their love.

As the day gave way to a spectacular sunset, the reception came alive on the deck of the Newport Beach House, where the setting sun cast a golden hue over the festivities. The ambiance was a blend of sophistication and seaside relaxation, with elegant décor and string lights creating a warm and inviting space for guests to celebrate under the stars.

Kelsey and Conor's wedding at the Newport Beach House was not just a celebration of their union but a memorable experience that captured the beauty of the Rhode Island coast, the joy of togetherness, and the beginning of their new journey as a married couple.


Photography - Colton Simmons
Florals - Boathouse Blooms
Video - Move Mountains Co.

DJ - Elite Entertainment RI
Venue - Newport Beach House
Desserts: Southie Cookie

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