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Oceancliff Hotel | Newport, Rhode Island

AMY & MIchael

Amy and Michael's Oceancliff wedding was a seamless fusion of coastal elegance and timeless tradition, further enriched by the presence of an antique Jaguar from Michael's grandfather's collection. This exquisite vehicle, with its classic curves and sophisticated aura, became a focal point of their celebration, adding a layer of historical charm to their day. Set against the iconic backdrop of Newport's Ocean Drive, known for its stunning ocean vistas and lavish estates, the couple's moments captured alongside the Jaguar were nothing short of cinematic.

The antique Jaguar, a masterpiece of automotive design, stood gracefully by the ocean's edge, its polished surface reflecting the soft, coastal light. As Amy and Michael posed with this emblem of vintage luxury, the contrast between the rugged, natural beauty of the coastline and the refined elegance of the Jaguar created a captivating visual narrative. This timeless vehicle was not merely a backdrop but a symbol of the journey they were embarking on together—marked by beauty, endurance, and the rich tapestry of family heritage. The serene ocean and the grandeur of Ocean Drive provided a splendid canvas for these moments, encapsulating the essence of their love story against the enduring elegance of the antique Jaguar.


Photography - Colton Simmons
Florals - Bumblebee's Flowers
Hair - Beauty by Kim Falso

DJ - Corey Young
Venue - Oceancliff Hotel
Video - Bright Spot Films

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