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The UMass Club | Boston, MA

Amalia & Justin

Following the exquisite formal session at the Seaport, Amalia and Justin's celebration transitioned to the grand reception held at the UMass Club, a prestigious venue known for its panoramic views of Boston's skyline. Perched high above the city, the club offered guests a breathtaking perspective, with floor-to-ceiling windows framing the twinkling city lights and historic landmarks below. The ambiance of the club, with its elegant decor and sophisticated charm, perfectly complemented the joyous atmosphere of the reception. As the evening unfolded, guests were treated to a stunning backdrop that transitioned from the golden hues of sunset to the vibrant night lights, adding an extra layer of magic to the festivities.

The UMass Club, with its unrivaled vistas, provided a memorable setting for Amalia and Justin to celebrate their union with loved ones. The warmth and laughter shared among the guests echoed against the backdrop of the city's illuminated skyline, creating a harmonious blend of urban elegance and heartfelt celebration. The couple's choice of such a unique venue highlighted their love for the city and each other, making their reception not just a celebration, but a truly immersive experience that encapsulated the essence of their special day. As the night drew to a close, the glittering view from the club served as a fitting metaphor for their future together - bright, promising, and endlessly beautiful.


Photography - Colton Simmons
Florals - Homegrown Blooms

Design - Styles By Shannon
Venue - The Umass Club
Video - Sojourner Media

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