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Belle Mer Newport RI Chic Coastal I Do’s: Taylor and Justin Tie the Knot

March 22, 2024

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In the world of luxury weddings, where every detail is a reflection of the couple’s journey together, Taylor and Justin’s nuptials stood out as a testament to the beauty of love, come rain or shine. Set against the stunning backdrop of Belle Mer in Newport, RI, their wedding day was a mesmerizing blend of elegance, emotion, and the unexpected magic of weather.

The Venue: Belle Mer Newport RI

Belle Mer, with its pristine landscapes and sophisticated charm, has long been a beacon for couples dreaming of a coastal wedding with a touch of luxury. Taylor and Justin chose this venue for its breathtaking views of the Narragansett Bay, hoping for sunny skies. However, the weather had other plans, bringing overcast skies and rain. But as any seasoned wedding professional knows, Belle Mer shines no matter the weather.

A Day to Remember

Despite the gloomy forecast, the spirits were high. The rain added a layer of intimacy and coziness to the venue, making the indoor spaces feel even more inviting. As the day progressed, an enchanting fog rolled in, setting the stage for what would become epic couple portraits.

Belle Mer Newport RI

The Ceremony

Held indoors due to the weather, the ceremony was a warm, luminescent affair. The soft lighting and the reflection of the rain on the windows added a serene, romantic glow. Taylor and Justin exchanged vows in front of their closest friends and family, proving that love shines brightest even on the cloudiest days.

Belle Mer Newport RI

The Reception

The reception unfolded in Belle Mer’s Island House, where elegance meets the ocean. The weather outside brought guests closer together inside, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter, dancing, and heartwarming speeches. The culinary delights served were a gastronomic reflection of the couple’s favorite flavors, further personalizing the evening.

Overcast But Overjoyed: Embracing the Weather

Far from being a spoiler, the day’s weather became a highlight. The overcast skies diffused the light perfectly for photography, resulting in soft, flattering portraits. Then, as if on cue, the fog created a dreamlike setting for Taylor and Justin’s couple photos—a photographer’s dream. These conditions showcased the beauty of Belle Mer in a new, mystical light, making their wedding uniquely memorable.

Belle Mer Newport RI

Epic Fog Portraits

Capturing love amidst the fog was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The dense fog along the coastline of Newport RI acted as a natural backdrop, enveloping Taylor and Justin in a breathtaking scene straight out of a fairytale. These images are not just photos; they are a testament to the couple’s journey and the day’s unexpected beauty.

Things to Do in Belle Mer Newport RI

For future brides and grooms, Belle Mer offers endless possibilities to create your dream wedding, regardless of the weather. From its luxurious indoor spaces to the stunning outdoor lawns and gardens, there’s a setting for every style. Planning a wedding here means embracing the charm of Newport, the elegance of the venue, and the unpredictability of nature—all of which combine to create a day that is truly yours.

  • Indoor Elegance: Don’t shy away from the luxurious indoor options, which can be a perfect choice for any weather.
  • Embrace the Weather: Use the natural beauty of the coast, even in fog or rain, to create unforgettable moments.
  • Personal Touches: From culinary choices to decor, personalize each aspect to reflect your journey as a couple.

Why Belle Mer?

Choosing Belle Mer in Newport, RI, for your wedding means embracing a venue that stands as a beacon of beauty, elegance, and unforgettable memories, come rain or shine. Taylor and Justin’s wedding was a testament to the venue’s ability to turn even the most unexpected weather into an integral part of their love story.

Belle Mer Newport RI


Taylor and Justin’s Belle Mer wedding was a beautiful reminder that the most memorable moments often come from the unexpected. Their ability to embrace the day, with its overcast skies and enchanting fog, turned what could have been seen as setbacks into some of the most beautiful and unique aspects of their celebration.

For couples planning their wedding, remember that Belle Mer Newport RI offers not just a venue, but a backdrop to your love story, ready to be made unforgettable with each unique weather pattern. And for those in search of a photographer who can capture the essence of your day, no matter the weather, my lens is ready.

Let’s create magic together. Contact me for your wedding photography needs and let’s immortalize your love story against the stunning backdrop of Belle Mer Newport RI.

Vendor Team:

Planning: Designed By Delsie

Hotel: Newport Harbor Island Resort

Venue: A Longwood Venue: Belle Mer

Beauty: Boujiezee

Officiant: Married With Grace

Videography: BMoye Productions

DJ: DJ Valentina

Florist: O Luxe Design

Rentals & Decor: Dez Collective Peak Event Services After the Tone Co.

Stationary: Boxed Wedding Invitations

Transportation: Limos of Newport